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Before you can take your Dutch driving test, you first have to pass the CBR Driving Theory Test. Don’t underestimate this test; allow for about a total of at least 25 hours of studying time, for this is known to be the overall average for our learner-drivers with a first time pass! To make sure you pass first time, try the excellent online tool TrafficTrainer to help you study. This will more than adequately prepare you for the new CBR Driving Theory Test: the ITEC; this individual test replaces the class test and will gradually be introduced for all the theory tests. This test is the new norm: a completely individual theory test that will gradually replace the old class test. You’ll be taking this test in your own individual cubicle with a touch screen and will be able to answer questions in your own time.

TrafficTrainer: the ultimate training/testing tool for the car/motorcycle/moped

Specifically for the Dutch driving theory tests; also suitable for other European countries!

TrafficTrainer offers you a complete modular online training programme and the advantage of a very extensive practice questions database with over 12.250 up-to-date questions for the car, motorcycle and moped. This includes more than 200 Hazard Perception Test questions for the CBR Driving Theory Test for the car licence. The practice questions are directly derived from the questions that you’ll get during your actual CBR Driving Theory Test. Especially a lot of attention has been paid to in-depth explanations regarding the answer possibilities. For those needing to take the CBR Driving Theory Test in English, TrafficTrainer is simply the best, better than all the rest, because:

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We consider this to be the best program on the market at this moment and most of our students who have run through all the questions managed to pass their theory test for the very first time! TrafficTrainer provides a demo of the program to get an idea of the setup. For just € 1,30 you can practice one exam at a time or get full access to the whole system for one full hour; afterwards you can choose to subscribe online and pay through iDEAL or PayPal for an account from one full week up to three full months, with no time limit on the hours!

If you have not previously studied for this test we seriously recommend subscribing for at least a whole month and studying for about 25 hours in total, as there is quite a lot to study and heaps of practice test questions to run through; also remember that if you don’t pass your CBR driving theory test you’ll need to apply and pay again for a new test slot!  After applying and paying online you’ll get your user name by return email; your time will start running from the moment you log in. Need more time to study? Well, there are also subscriptions for two weeks and one, two or three months, just take a look:

During your subscription content support and explanations are offered through TheorySupport:

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For any further assistance, information or help for problems when logging in contact the help desk of TrafficTrainer by email or call +31(0)49 2538444; for content support you can call DriveRight International on  +31(0)653817695 (all numbers are open from Monday-Friday between 9 am and 5 pm; for other days/times the voice mail is active).


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