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My company, DriveRight International, has with our completely renewed DRITTS © 2024 launched the possibility for government organisations to be able to use an automated state-of-the-art traffic theory testing system, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Application’, without any prior investment.

Also, additional modules can be added to this Application, like a more extensive Management System, a Reservations and Results System, and the Personal Mobility Tracing & Tracking Registry.


At the request of many, this application has been adapted in such a way that the end-user now only has to pay us per taken theory test. This means that no investments need to be made in advance and because the expenses – the predetermined amount per theory test that is due to us – are always covered by the income – the theory test earnings of the candidate that you always receive in advance – there is absolutely no financial pressure on your budget!

This amount depends on the total number of theory tests per month and the chosen duration of the contract. The application automatically keeps track of the total number of all these theory tests, for which we will always invoice you at the end of each month. To this extent and purpose, a contract is drawn up for a specific minimum duration. It is also possible to convert your contract at any time into a lease or purchase agreement.


The traffic theory tests that are taken either orally or in writing are not objective and highly susceptible to fraud. Also, in these written theory tests, copying and forecasting answers is a simple procedure, after all, just sitting side by side, the candidates are presented with the same questions in the same order.

Furthermore, the current theory tests, partly due to their simplicity, do not contribute in any way to the questioning of limitations that people and vehicles may have, to the introduction of hazard perception, risk perception and sense of responsibility questions, let alone questions about environmentally friendly, fuel-saving and technically responsible participation in road traffic. Therefore, regrettably, the most important ‘E’ of Education, of the ‘Education, Engineering and Enforcement Trias’, is completely absent.

As a result, these are not sufficiently valid theory tests, because they do not test in any way what they should be testing for safe and responsible participation in traffic on the public road in the twenty-first century.


First, this application serves to further deepen and guarantee a valid, highly reliable and objective test of the knowledge and insight of your driving licence candidate.

Then, let’s not forget that automating your road traffic theory testing system will be particularly cost-effective. After all, all these tests can be taken simultaneously in all your different languages for all your different driving licence categories, whereby in fact only the presence of a single supervisor is required.
The latter does not even need to have the function of an examiner, but only that of a supervisor appointed by you and trained for administering your theory tests locally.

Your only limitation is the number of your (touch-screen) workstations or tablets that are connected to your or our server on which your theory test system is running; however, this can be unlimited.


Freed-up theory test examiners can be redirected to give driving or other (practical) tests. For all your types of tests, your waiting time will decrease considerably, which will also satisfy everyone. In other words, this is going to be a ‘double-profit’ situation for your organisation!

Of course, we are always willing to explain everything in detail, and we trust that together we can ultimately take the plunge and not only improve the financial position of your driving testing bureau but also, in particular, your overall road traffic safety through the enhanced knowledge and insight of your theory test candidates. This will, without a doubt, take your road traffic education and testing programmes to a significantly higher level!

So, shall we say … we look forward to hearing from you soon?
Team DriveRight International,
Michael J. Davidson (Mr.),

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