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Before taking any CBR Driving Tests you first have to pass the CBR Driving (car) or Riding (motorcycle or moped/mobility car) Theory Test. These theory tests will examine your knowledge of the Dutch driving rules and regulations and can be taken as either a standard individual or as an individually accompanied theory test.

The standard individual theory test is the regular norm for everyone; you can apply for the individually accompanied theory test when it is not possible for you to take the standard individual one.

This can, amongst others, be due to not having a sufficient command of the Dutch language for the motorcycle or moped/mobility car theory test or of the English language for the car theory test or when suffering from anxiety performance, computer phobia, dyslexia, and so forth. The standard individual theory test can be booked with a regular time of 30 or an extended time of 45 minutes.

The CBR individually accompanied theory test can also be to your advantage if you find it difficult to understand the essence of the questions in Dutch or English. This theory test can only be taken in the Dutch language with an officially appointed HearHear Tolkendiensten translator, who will translate the questions from Dutch to the language that you understand best. For all theory tests our school will purchase a slot according to your preferences.

Standard Individual versus Individually Accompanied Theory Test


Standard Individual

Individually Accompanied

Language B: car – English or Dutch
A: motorcycle – Dutch only
AM: (light) moped – Dutch only
AM: mobility car – Dutch only
B: car – Dutch with a translator
A: motorcycle – Dutch with a translator
AM: (light) moped – Dutch with a translator
AM: mobility car – Dutch with a translator
Location Nationwide (choose location) Nationwide (choose location)
Translator Not allowed Only with HearHear Tolkendiensten official translator
Total costs Standard time €57.95 or Extended time €69.95 no VAT €309.95 no VAT
HearHear Tolkendiensten official translator services
Booked separately
N/A €204.00 INC 21% VAT
Cancellation If you cannot meet your reserved slot, contact us within at least 24 hours after receipt of the Letter of Appointment by calling 06 53 81 76 95. Within SEVEN days of the test date, you can ONLY get an EARLIER slot and within FOURTEEN days you can also get a later slot. This change can be made ONCE only and always depends on availability! For any slot change, an administration fee of €19.95/€39.95 respectively will be due in advance by Tikkie. Note that such requests are irreversible. Failing these conditions, unfortunately, implies that the total fee will be lost. You will have to submit a new application and payment. Unfortunately, because these reserved slots are reserved especially for individuals, these tests cannot be changed or cancelled; failing to meet this appointment means that the total fee will be lost, and you will have to submit a new application together with a new full payment. So make sure you verify the date and time you book your individual test.

Location of Amsterdam

The Naritaweg 150 in Amsterdam is where most people take the theory test. You can see a map of this location above. Of course, you can choose to take the test anywhere else; all the options are listed on the application form that you will see after clicking on the Apply Now button below.

Applying for the Theory Test

At the bottom of this page, you will find the form with which you can apply for your theory test. If neither of your preferences can be booked, we will call you to discuss a reservation for a different date & time. Indicate your first preferred slot (month & week) for sitting the CBR Theory Test, and indicate a second preferred slot (date & time) with a different date. All slots are subject to availability at the time of receipt of your application & payment in full. Your preferences will be handled in order of receipt; they do not offer a guarantee for these slots. We will only call you if neither your first nor your second preferred slot is available. For both the cubicle and the individual tests, you have to meet the identification requirements, so make sure you take a look at that page.


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Questions & Answers

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