DriveRight International offers consultancy and counselling programmes to various local and central government organisations all over the world.  As road safety can only be enhanced by being able to drive on relatively safe roads, we don’t only look at the individual participant (driver) to see how he or she actually drives but we also analyse the total road traffic system in any given country resulting in advice with regard to the infrastructure, e.g.  road lay-outs, structuring, placement of traffic signals, signs and road markings.

With regard to the individual drivers we make an analysis of the ways in which the theoretical knowledge and practical proficiency is acquired; this means not only taking a look at and analysing the chosen learning methods, but also at the way in which these are tested and examined before a driving licence can be issued. Our aim is to make road traffic participation much safer in general. Starting at the basis we help countries to set up road traffic theoretical and practical programmes which result in:

These educational programmes are aimed at activating, motivating & stimulating the individual, remembering that everybody is equal but nobody is the same. Our programmes cover the following topics:

DriveRight International also offers the building and implementation of various driving theory test applications in various languages; these can be supplemented with an incorporated database/management system for various causes, e.g. reservations, payments etc. Our systems can considerably reduce costs related to individually and written taken driving theory tests; these applications are tailor made to meet the exact requirements of the organisations involved.


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