DriveRight International offers consultancy and counselling programmes to various local and central government organisations all over the world.  As road safety can only be enhanced by being able to drive on relatively safe roads, we don’t only look at the individual participant (driver) to see how he or she drives, but we also analyze the total road traffic system in any given country resulting in advice about the infrastructure, e.g. road layouts, structuring, placement of traffic signals, signs and road markings.

Concerning the individual drivers, we analyze how theoretical knowledge and practical proficiency are acquired; this means not only having a look at and analyzing the chosen learning methods but also at how these are tested and examined before a driving licence can be issued. We aim to make road traffic participation much safer in general. Starting at the basis, we help countries to set up road traffic theoretical and practical programmes which result in:

These educational programmes are aimed at activating, motivating & stimulating the individual, remembering that everybody is equal, but nobody is the same. Our programmes cover the following topics:

DriveRight International also offers the building and implementation of various driving theory test applications in various languages; these can be supplemented with an incorporated database/management system for various causes, e.g. reservations, payments, etc. Our systems can considerably reduce costs related to individual and written driving theory tests; these applications are tailor-made to meet the exact requirements of the organizations involved.

Enhancing Road Safety through the Personal Mobility Registry (PMR)

Introduction: The Personal Mobility Registry (PMR) emerges as a transformative replacement for traditional Driving Licence Administration systems. This digital database serves as a comprehensive repository for all data pertaining to individuals applying for theory tests, practical driving or riding tests, health certificates, and international driving licences. Additionally, it encompasses the information of existing licence holders, as well as data from applicants exchanging foreign licences or holding international ones.

Data Storage and Accessibility: The PMR securely stores crucial information, including registration details, insurance records, and tax payments, forming a unique personal file for each individual. Access to the PMR is granted to authorized personnel from examination offices, the Bevolkings Register/Census (BR), and other approved entities such as insurance companies, enforcement, and police personnel. Access is facilitated through a designated username and password.

Functions: Authorized personnel from examination offices and the BR enter known data during the selection process, which is then automatically populated through a connection with the BR. Additional information and scanned documents are added using the ‘scan & upload’ feature. The system allows for data saving and retrieval through a user-friendly interface, ensuring efficient management.

Driving Licences: Upon successful completion of a practical test, candidates proceed to the BR for the application of their driving license, where a thorough verification process is conducted by BR employees. The issuance of driving licences requires authorization from specified individuals, as listed under ‘Names/titles of authorized persons.’

Declarations of Authenticity: The PMR facilitates the generation of Declarations of Authenticity for driving licences through a straightforward process. These declarations can be sent to relevant authorities via email or fax, ensuring the verification of driving licences.

Notifications: The system sends timely notifications to license holders, reminding them to renew their licences before expiry. Notifications are dispatched through various channels such as email, telephone, or postal mail, streamlining the renewal process.

Vehicle Registration: A notable addition to the PMR is its ability to trace and track all registered vehicles. This feature enhances transparency by allowing authorized personnel to access detailed information, including the registered owner/keeper’s name, valid insurance status, tax payments, and outstanding fines. This capability is particularly useful in inspection and patrol vehicles, where a digital mobile application ensures real-time access to crucial data.

Conclusion: The implementation of the PMR signifies a crucial step towards promoting road safety and combating fraud and forgery in driving and vehicle documentation. As Sint Eustatius adopts this system, it is anticipated that positive results will soon become evident, further solidifying the importance of this innovative solution in safeguarding our roads.


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