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To be fully prepared for your CBR Driving Theory Test, you might prefer to study one of the Theory Books. This page will give you more information about the available books, practice tests and hazard perception questions, all in English. Better still, take a look at the full English excellent e-Learning training and testing tool TrafficTrainer. Apart from all the learning materials this also has a database of 12.500+ practice questions for the car, motorcycle and moped; for the car, this also includes 200+ questions for the Hazard Perception test. Being updated weekly this is simply the best, better than all the rest, tool available at this moment.

Please note that there are no learning and no practice question books for the motorcycle or moped riding theory tests in English. Also, there are no English CD’s/DVD’s for the car, motorcycle or moped; all this learning and practising should be done online through TrafficTrainer. 

IMPORTANT: Only TrafficTrainer online includes preparatory questions for the new CBR Drag and Hotspot theory test questions included in the tests as per 2019!

For the books take a look at the options below:

To order, simply fill out the form below and choose your option. You will be redirected to a new page for ordering and paying. On the next business day, your order will be sent to you by surface mail through Post.NL at no extra costs. You will receive the materials at the given address in a large white letter-box fitting buff envelope of 240 x 330 mm within 2-3 weekdays. Please note that the precise delivery date and time depends on Post.NL delivery policies within your postal code area.


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