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Here you can apply nationwide for either the cubicle theory test or for the individual theory test.

You can choose from the following twenty locations:

  • Alkmaar (Olympiaweg 28)
  • Amsterdam (Naritaweg 150)
  • Arnhem (Hazenkamp 10)
  • Barendrecht (Zwaalweg 1)
  • Breda (Heerbaan 4)
  • Deventer (Duisburgstraat 10)
  • Eindhoven (Hoevenweg 20)
  • Enschede (Burgemeester Stroinkstraat 300)
  • Goes (M.A. de Ruijterlaan 2)
  • Groningen (Protonstraat 3)
  • Haarlem (Professor Eijkmanlaan 2-4)
  • Hoogeveen (Grote Beer 20)
  • Leeuwarden (Douwe Tammingawei 30)
  • Leusden (Fokkerstraat 21)
  • Maastricht (Stadionplein 34)
  • Rijswijk Zh (Lange Kleiweg 30)
  • Schelluinen (Sportlaan 2A)
  • Utrecht (Mississippidreef 151)
  • Venlo-Blerick (Antoniusplein 2)
  • Zwolle (Branderweg 15)

IMPORTANT: Note that cubicle theory tests in English are only available for the car driving licence. For the mobility car/moped/motorcycle you either have to take this cubicle theory test in Dutch or the individual theory test with an official TolkenNet translator who will translate the questions and all the possible answers from Dutch to the language of your choice!

Applications are made by filling out and submitting the form below together with your payment. On the form, you can select two preferred test locations (see above), and two preferred date options (ASAP/month + its week). If neither of your given preferences can be booked we will reserve the location with the nearest slot after your preferred slots; in the small ‘Note’ box you can also request us to first call you to discuss a reservation for a different date and time and/or add additional information/make a special request. After submitting this form for your payment options, you’ll see this ‘Note:’ option box at the bottom of the page under ‘Total:’.

The fees vary per slot and are VAT free. After receipt of your form and the accompanying applicable payment, the CBR will e-mail you from cbr@noreply.nl your Letter of Appointment (in Dutch) with your reservation details and your reservation number.

ATTENTION: This form often ends up in your junk/spam e-mail box, so please check for this form there too! This form should be taken with you to the test centre on the day of the test, together with a valid form of identification; these must be presented to the attendant at the CBR Theory Test Reservations Desk. Neither we nor the CBR can be held responsible for not meeting this requirement.

IMPORTANT: Applications submitted cannot be cancelled and payments made cannot be refunded; however, an already reserved slot can be changed once only. This means that within seven days before the theory test date you can only request us to advance the test if there are available slots for this; when more than seven days before that date, you can also request us to move the test to a later time. If you qualify and need to change your reserved slot, contact us immediately by calling or texting 06 53 817 695 and also e-mailing us at theory@driveright.nl after receipt of your CBR Letter of Appointment.

We will put this slot back in the CBR theory test reservations database for another driving school to possibly buy it; also, we will also endeavour to book another of our own learner-drivers for this slot without you losing the test fee. For any such slot change, an administration fee of € 19,95 (cubicle) or € 39,90 (individual) will be due by Tikkie. A request for a change is irreversible. Failing either of these possibilities/conditions implies that the total fee will be lost and to apply again you will have to submit a new application together with a new payment in full.

Additional information

Which type of test are you applying for

Cubicle Theory Test for the car in Dutch, Cubicle Theory Test for the car in English, Cubicle Theory Test for the motorcycle (Dutch only), Cubicle Theory Test for the moped (Dutch only), Cubicle Theory Test for the brommobiel (Dutch only), Individual Theory Test for the car with a TolkenNet translator reserved by us separately, Individual Theory Test for the motorcycle with a TolkenNet translator reserved by us separately, Individual Theory Test for the moped with a TolkenNet translator reserved by us separately, Individual Theory Test for the brommobiel with a TolkenNet translator reserved by us separately


E-mail : info@driveright.nl
Office : (020) 449 04 97
Mobile : +31(0)653817695

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