CBR Statement of Health


Information and Application Form for the CBR Statement of Health.



If you are under 75 years of age and you submit a first time application for a Dutch driving licence for the category B (motor cars or light vans with up to 8 passenger seats and up to 3500 kg) you will need a Statement of Health (Gezondheidsverklaring) issued by the Central Driving Test Bureau (CBR) in order to obtain your CBR Declaration of Suitability (Verklaring van Geschiktheid).

If you are over 75 years of age you’ll need this Gezondheidsverklaring with an attached Medical Attest, also issued by the CBR. This will also be required when applying for and/or renewing a Dutch driving licence for the categories C D E.

To obtain either of these, the below mentioned CBR Statement of Health Form must be completed; this form is an official CBR document on which you self-certify your health by personally answering 10 questions about medical issues which could affect the suitability for driving a motor vehicle.

Value 2018 € 57,25 (0% VAT )

These questions concern:

  • the general physical and mental condition
  • any disability, adverse medical condition, mental illness
  • any other defect or disorder

If you can answer all the 10 questions below with a no, we apply for this Declaration of Health on-line at the current costs. Please note that those applying for this CBR Statement of Health in order to exchange their foreign driving licence will always receive a hard copy of this document directly from us by surface mail (see below under B).

In the event that you A) either have to answer one or more of the questions with a yes, or B) are applying for a direct driving license exchange, or C) are over 75 years of age, we will automatically send you the original non-amended hard copy of this Statement of Health by regular surface mail within 72 hours. After having completed both sides of that form it should be presented to a GP if either you have to answer one or more of the questions with a yes, or are over 75 years of age; this GP will place a medical note at the bottom of the reverse side, indicating the nature and the seriousness of the condition(s). You then send this Statement of Health, together with a copy of your valid Form of identification to the CBR in whose district you reside; the Medical Administration Dept. of the CBR will then inform and instruct you accordingly. When in doubt about your suitability you should contact the CBR Medical Administration Department on 0088 227 77 00  or +31 88 227 77 00 when calling from outside The Netherlands. Please note that applications made are irreversible, meaning that no submitted applications can be withdrawn or the payment refunded!


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Mobile : +31(0)653817695

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