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Information and Application Form for the CBR Statement of Health.



Additional information

For driving lorries/trucks and buses stricter rules apply than when driving cars. That is why for these driving licence categories you’ll always be called-up for a medical check-up by a company doctor or a doctor of a certified Arbo Service.

Please note that any costs involved for medical examinations are at your own expense. Fees for a medical driving licence check-up by a medical practitioner, a medical specialist or a psychiatrist are determined by the Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (see http://www.cbr.nl/kostengezondheidsverklaring). Sometimes during this check-up, it becomes apparent that a further medical examination will be required to obtain the correct information. Your GP can supply you with the height of these costs.

After having filled out all your personal details and having answered all the medical questions on the your received GV, you must post it by surface mail to the CBR Medical Department in the enclosed reply envelope together with a copy of your valid ID (EU Passport/EU ID Card/IND Residents Permit). Don’t forget to affix the proper postage stamp (stamp # 2) and don’t fold the envelope, please!

In the event of an immediate approval of suitability (fitness to drive) the Medical Administration Department of the CBR will send you the required Declaration of Suitability by surface mail, or will otherwise inform and instruct you accordingly by a letter or an e-mail.

When in doubt about your suitability you should contact the CBR Medical Administration Department on +31 (0)88 2277700. When calling from outside The Netherlands it’s +31 (0)70 3903695.

After submitting this form for your payment options, you’ll see the option of adding additional information/making a special request in the small ‘Note:’ box at the bottom of the page under ‘Total:’.

If you need any further help or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me directly either by e-mail or by call or sms to my mobile phone number +31 (0) 653 817 695.

Please note that an online application is irreversible, meaning that no ordered and paid GV’s can be returned and no payment refunded!


E-mail : info@driveright.nl
Office : (020) 449 04 97
Mobile : +31(0)653817695

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