Can anyone apply for a driving test?

No. When applying for any type of theory/driving tests or for the Dutch driving licence you will be required to A) physically possess & to be able to show a valid form of identity, and B) be registered as a resident in the GBA (Municipality’s General Registry) with a Citizen’s Service Number (BSN), and C) be able to authorize your driving school to apply for your riding/driving test for you through your DigId (Digital Identity). There are two exceptions with regard to conditions B and C: 1. Diplomatic personnel and privileged persons that are temporarily residing in The Netherlands; you are then not registered in The Netherlands, but possess a written statement issued by the Foreign Ministry confirming that status. 2. Foreign NATO military personnel (or attached civil service) or members of your family that are temporarily residing in The Netherlands, possessing a signed statement issued by your (camp) commander. In these cases you’ll be a temporarily residing person (expat), not registered as a resident in the GBA, but included in a separate PROBAS (Protocol’s Basic Registry) registry, without a BSN; sometimes you might have a Social Fiscal Number (SOFI-Number) for tax reasons, but this is not a BSN-Number.

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