Information and Application Form for all CBR / BNOR driving tests for IDS Registered learner drivers


Here you can apply for one or more time slots for the:


·        CBR Preliminary Driving Test - standard or with a medical implication

·        CBR Final Driving Test - standard, with a medical implication or the special performance anxiety test

·        BNOR Driving Test - standard, with a medical implication or the special performance anxiety test

·        BNOR/CBR request for a new time slot after a postponement by the examining authority

·        CBR Medical Suitability Test

·        BNOR Driving Proficiency Test

·        BNOR/CBR request for an expedited time slot where applicable


Applications are made by filling out & submitting the form below, together with your full pre-payment of the fees due.

These fees consist of the following items:


·         the CBR or BNOR test fee

·         the driving school’s test administration fee

·         the driving school’s fee for using the car

·         full insurance coverage

·         the applicable VAT fee



After receipt of this form & your payment you will receive your driving test Letter of Appointment by email; this Form should be taken with

you to the test centre on the day of the test and must be presented to the examiner; if neither of your preferences can be booked we will call you to discuss a

reservation for a different date & time.




Reserved slots cannot be cancelled; if however - for whatever reason - you cannot meet your reserved slot you must contact us immediately and at least

within a clear 24 hours  - excluding week-ends and public holidays - after having received the email confirming your reservation, by calling 06 53 81 76 95.

NOTE: This can be requested ONCE only.


We will then endeavor to book another of our learner-drivers for this slot without you losing the test fee and enabling you to re-book within a clear 30 days only;

for any slot change an administration fee of € 35,00 (incl. 19% VAT) will be due; please note that this option is NOT available within 14 days before a test date!


Failing either of this conditions implies that the total fee will be lost and to apply again you will have to submit a new application

together with a new full payment.


Application Form for all driving tests


Your 11 figure IDS Registration Code; info symbol icon, information

if you are NOT an IDS Registered learner driver click here

Your 9 figure BSN (Citizens Service number) info symbol icon, information

Date of birth - format as dd-mm-yyyy

Which type of driving test are you applying for; if this is a FIRST TIME application click here for your required CBR Statement of Health

Which test location has your preference

Indicate your car preference

Do you require a Dutch to English translator;

if  “YES” click here for further details

  No    Yes

House/apartment no.

Home postcode


Contact phone no.

Email address

Family name   

ONLY your  FIRST forename in FULL

ALL  initials without separations (e.g. MJ)

Instructions for use, please read carefully & fully:


  • Indicate your FIRST preferred slot (date & time) for taking the driving test
  • You must also indicate a SECOND  preferred slot (date & time) with a DIFFERENT DATE
  • Submit this form by email (click on the “Submit your Application” bottom left button)
  • Pre-pay for your driving test slot, including all costs
  • The Letter of Appointment will be emailed to after the reservation has been made
  • We will ONLY call you if NEITHER your 1st NOR your 2nd preferred slot is available
  • All slots are subject to availability at the time of receipt of your application & payment in full
  • Your preferences will be handled in order of receipt; they do NOT offer a guarantee for these slots


FIRST driving test preference


SECOND driving test preference


Click on the “Map” link to see a map of the CBR Test Centre in Amsterdam-Sloterdijk


Click on the “Information” link to read all about this driving test




All our services are subject to the Bovag General Conditions of Contract, which you can review here  (Dutch & English Text).

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