Foreign Licence Holders

If you currently hold or did previously hold a foreign driving licence that cannot be exchanged we can help you to get your Dutch driving licence for the car as soon as possible. However, you’ll need to take a theory plus a driving test, which can all be done in English at the Amsterdam Theory and Driving Test centre on the Naritaweg 150 – 1043 CA Amsterdam (Sloterdijk); for people in your particular situation we – as the ONLY  driving school in The Netherlands – have prepared a very short Exchange Course. You’ll need at least 5 hours, this is the minimum requirement, possibly a few more. There are also other courses available, but the outcome of an IDS Intake Session will determine which course is most suitable for you. You don’t need to have passed the CBR driving theory test, nor do you need any type of provisional or temporary driving licence to participate.

The Intake

So as to determine your eligibility for this Exchange Course, like with all courses at registered driving schools in The Netherlands, you need to start with an intake session – from € 59,95 – which can be taken, like the other driving lessons schedule, from Monday through Friday 07:30 till 18:30 and Saturdays from 09:30 till 18.30; we would like to meet at:

These two places are our overall preferred addresses as it is located very near the Amsterdam Theory & Driving Test centre; we need and want to practice in that area as much as possible. We do not want to waste your valuable time and money travelling to and from various locations when not necessary.  All our students come there so then you don’t need to spend time dropping the student before you off somewhere and having to drive to another address to pick-up the student after you! This way the lesson is most productive!

The Further Procedure

After the intake  you:

After you have passed the theory test and completed 2/3 of your course, you will take the CBR Preliminary Driving Test (if recommended); after that we continue with the remainder of the driving lessons included in your course, supplemented by additional driving lessons if required, after which you will take the final CBR Driving Test. Note, that to save time we will register you for the CBR Preliminary and the CBR Final driving test in English asap after your intake and receipt your CBR Statement of Health, your mandate through your DigID on and the course payment in full.

To simplify things, these are the first FIVE STEPS  for getting your Dutch licence:

  1. Click on the Apply Now button below to complete and submit the intake form
  2. Study online in English for your CBR Driving Theory Test
  3. Book a slot for your CBR Driving Theory Test
  4. Apply for your CBR Statement of Health
  5. Apply for the required DigId so as to give us a mandate to apply for your tests


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Questions & Answers

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