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Do you want to obtain a Dutch driving licence B (car) as soon as possible? DriveRight, The International Driving School of The Netherlands, will help you out and you don’t need to have passed the CBR driving theory test, nor do you need any type of provisional or temporary driving licence to participate! To make it as easy as possible, we have put together a five step program for you to follow, so that you know which steps to take first to obtain your Dutch car licence. For the theory we suggest that you study the complete online driving theory training and testing tool TrafficTrainer for the car, which has been designed specifically for the car driving theory test! You could supplement this with English Theory Books from Verjo publishers. Note that all our driving lessons on automatic and manual cars are done with Mr Sayed Hakimi of Driving School SAVE (Saverijopleiding). If you want to contact them directly please call +31 (0)06 260 664 58, @, or visit

The Intake Procedure

The Further Procedure

After you have passed the theory test and completed 2/3 of your course, you will take the CBR Preliminary Driving Test (if recommended); after that we continue with the remainder of the driving lessons included in your course, supplemented by additional driving lessons if required, after which you will take the final CBR Driving Test.

Meeting point

We would like to meet at the Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station, at the Piarcoplein/P+R exit, so as to be able to drive in the driving test area where you will also be taking the driving test, which can all be done in English at the Amsterdam Theory and Driving Test Centre on the Naritawag 150 – 1043 CA Amsterdam.


The 2toDrive programme gives new young drivers, between 16 and 18 years of age, the opportunity to take the passenger car licence (category B) Theory Test when 16, take driving lessons when 16,5, and a possible CBR Preliminary Driving Test when 17; following this the CBR Driving Test can also be taken when 17. After passing this last test, they may not drive alone, but must be accompanied by a coach (“Begeleider”), until having reached the age of 18. The name of the coach must be mentioned on the “Begeleiderspas” (Pass for Accompanied Driving); the new young driver must apply for this Pass, on which the names of up to three coaches can be given. These name are registered with the authorities. For questions about applying for the “Begeleiderspas” you can contact the RDW via or call 0900-0739. Click here to apply now.


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Questions & Answers

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