Driving lessons

At DriveRight, we do not only offer driving lessons for absolute beginners, but we also cater for others in different situations, e.g. when you already have a Dutch driving licence but are still afraid to drive or when you hold a foreign driving licence that cannot be exchanged for a Dutch one. All courses at our school start with an intake session for which we meet at Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station at the Piarcoplein/P+R exit.

The Intake Session

We aim to target all our driving lessons to everyone personally. For example, if you already have a little driving experience, you will need fewer lessons then someone who has no experience at all. That is why new students at our school always start with an intake session, to determine how quickly you will be able to pick-up on instructions and implement these independently in your driver’s training programme.

This session must be taken in our manual transmission driving school car with dual control and does not give you any further obligation or commitment to taking any further lessons or following a course and is divided into the following categories:

  1.   60 minutes:   €  59,95,  for those with a substantial previous driving experience & presently holding a valid foreign licence
  2.   90 minutes:   €  89,95,  for those with some previous driving experience and basic skills
  3. 120 minutes:   € 119,90, for those with little previous experience: the relative beginners
  4. 150 minutes:   € 148,75, for those with no previous experience at all: the absolute beginners
  5. 300 minutes:   € 325,00, for those with no previous experience at all: the absolute beginners PLUS a Highway Code

All fees include the 21% VAT.

Apply for the intake session

To apply for the intake, you have to be 16 1/2 years of age or older and in the possession of a legally accepted and valid form of identification. Simply click on the Apply Now button below, fill out and submit the form and fullfill the pre-payment of the fees. We will then contact you to confirm the day, the time and the venue for your session. If your preference(s) cannot be booked we off course will call you to discuss a date and time for a different session.

Cancellation policy

If you cannot meet your reserved slot, cancel this within at least a clear 72 hours by calling +31-6-53817695. We will try to book another of our learner drivers for this slot without you losing the test fee; failing this the total fee will be lost and you will have to apply and pay again.


E-mail : info@driveright.nl
Office : (020) 449 04 97
Mobile : +31(0)653817695

Questions & Answers

Have you got a question about our International Driving School, about the driving lessons, theory test or anything else? Take a look at our Questions & Answers page.