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You have passed your CBR Driving Theory Test, have succesfully followed practical driving lessons and maybe you have done the CBR Preliminary Driving Test. This means that you are all set to take the final driving test! You should now be fully prepared to pass, so make sure to apply for your CBR or BNOR driving test by submitting the form on the bottom of this page.

CBR – Locations: Amsterdam

For the CBR driving test in English we operate from the Amsterdam Driving Test Centre. Do you want to know more about the procedure during the test itself? On our Frequently Asked Questions page we have written an extensive explanation of what you will encounter during this test. You can apply for the following CBR driving tests:

BNOR – Locations: Amsterdam

For the BNOR driving test in English we operate from the Amsterdam Driving Test Centre. Have you experienced anxiety during earlier driving tests you have taken? Have you failed the test four times? In that case you can apply for the BNOR driving test (Bureau Nader Onderzoek Rijvaardigheid). During this test, which is not easier, but will take slightly longer, you will be supported by the examiner, so that you can calm your nerves.

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Questions & Answers

Have you got a question about our International Driving School, about the driving lessons, theory test or anything else? Take a look at our Questions & Answers page.